I live in the present.

Zita (: turned 2 today!

Zita (: turned 2 today!

Pocket Full of Sunshine - Natasha Bedingfield

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Charli XCX - Boom Clap (Subtitulado) - Video Oficial

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A long time ago in a galaxy not so far, far away…Pixar was a division of Lucasfilm Ltd.

There was along time ago when I saw a film on which I cried. This is one of them #Thefaultinourstars. As I watched it I realized that I have to live every moment in my life truthfully and happy. Also that to chase my dreams, because oblivien and death are inevitable and we never see them coming. Take no regrets, and that pain can help you be brave than any others.

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Some thoughts about observing life

Sometimes I stay up late night reading. Different topics. After a while I started to observe other people behavior. It is strange I find them pathetic. Their life is about work, sex, drinking and reload all this. It feels sad. They don’t have a life. To really live you have to break out, to do something meaningful, important with your life. Some just live it trough and wait for the end.I can not believe also when I meet people who are so retard, they do not know basic stuff, you know those 7 years behavior. I started to wonder somehow how can those people be ok with that and if they are not why do not do smth against it.

Anyway I find it sad that the people do not realize that they do not own a civilized way of thinking and they choose brutality and pride over honesty and kindness

in the organising team of a TEDx event. exited :D

Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn.

—by me

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amazing how people turn their ideas into successful actions. Becoming successful business people, I look up to somebody who can do that. Who has the drive to accomplish their dreams. It is just amazing

as sad it sounds friendships do not last a lifetime.

travelling around the world or even in a closer new town is an experience. take the chance and go traveling alone, sometimes is the best medicine ;)